Refund and Shipping Policy

ZAPPlication® is an online application collection and adjudication system that is licensed by art fairs and festivals. The ZAPP® system enables artists to apply for and purchase products (e.g. booths, electricity, etc.) from the art fairs and festivals who utilize the ZAPP® system. Each event that licenses the ZAPP® system has their own event policies and show rules. If an artist applies to an event listed on ZAPP®, s/he should verify the event’s specific policies regarding refunds. ZAPP® does not dictate show policy, including refund policies. Any inquiries or issues with show policy or refunds need to be directed to the event.


ZAPP® will process credit card refunds for artists if the artist has incorrectly paid for a show product, or if an artist has paid for a product and has withdrawn from the event. Credit card refunds will only be processed at the request of the show, and requests must be received in writing by a ZAPP® team member. ZAPP® reserves the right to deny a refund request and turn the refund request back over to the event for processing.


WESTAF and ZAPP® are committed to facilitating e-commerce in an open and transparent fashion. Neither WESTAF nor ZAPP® sell any of their own products or services through the website on which this policy is published (the “website”). The website and its proprietary software are used to collect and process applications, application fees and rental payments for WESTAF’s and ZAPP®’s clients. Those clients are–among other things–sponsoring art shows, making calls for entry, or offering or administering grants and as such are the intended recipients of the applications submitted, the payee of the payments collected, and the person who is offering to rent space or equipment through the website.


This shipping policy applies only to orders for services which are processed through the website and its proprietary software on behalf of WESTAF’s and ZAPP®’s own clients. The services which may be ordered from WESTAF’s and ZAPP®’s clients include the submissions of applications for entries into art shows, art festivals, contests and calls for entry; submissions of grant applications; and orders for the rental of goods and services, such as booth rentals and table and chair rentals for showing at an art festival (“Client Services”). Client Services are intangible and no goods are shipped and no physical manifestation of those services is generated or shipped by WESTAF or ZAPP® or their clients.


The use of the website to order services from WESTAF’s and ZAPP®’s clients and to pay for those services will result in the transmission of data over the internet describing that order or payment in an electronic form, but will not result in the physical shipment of anything. Any errors in the transmission of a user’s order or payment transactions will be resolved in accordance with WESTAF’s and ZAPP®’s Refund and Privacy Policies which are also available on the website.


In this policy, WESTAF refers to Western States Arts Federation, a Colorado non-profit corporation, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including ZAPP® Software. ZAPP® refers to ZAPP® Software, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company and the wholly owned subsidiary of WESTAF. Both WESTAF and ZAPP® Software can be found at 1888 Sherman St. Ste. 375, Denver CO 80203 and; additionally, ZAPP® Software can be found at