How to Checkout with a Coupon

Events may offer discounts to artists when paying for an application or purchasing booth products. Follow these steps to checkout with a coupon.

  1. Click the "My Cart" button in the upper right hand corner.
Image of the ZAPP header.
  1. Add the product to your cart by clicking the green Add icon. If you are checking out for an application fee, it will be automatically added to your cart unless you had previously removed it.
Image of a line on the Products section of the ZAPP Shop. A booth feen is shown as added to the cart with a green checkmark.
  1. Review your quantities in section 2, Update Quantities, to ensure you are purchasing the correct number of each product. Then click "Next Step."
  1. In section 3, Add Coupons, type the coupon code into the text box under the Coupon column and click "Apply." You will see your discount applied here.
Image of the Checkout page of ZAPP. A coupon code has been applied under the "Add Coupon" section. The coupon has made the product 100% off.
  1. Check out as normal. If your balance due is $0, you still need to complete checkout by clicking "Next Step" and then "Checkout Free Items."
Image of the Payment Information section. The product being purchased is for $0 and there is no payment being required. The button to move forward reads "Checkout Free Items."
  1. Once you have purchased your discounted product(s), ZAPP will email you a receipt and the purchase will also be visible under the application on your My ZAPPlications page.

More questions about checking out products on ZAPP? Click here to view our guide on purchasing products.