Applying to Events on ZAPP

First, make sure you Register for ZAPP. Creating an account on ZAPP is free and easy. You can register as an artist or non-artist vendor depending on your needs. Click here to register now.

Looking for a video tutorial? Watch our How to Apply video here.


Each event on ZAPP has an Event Information page that presents all basic information about the event and what you need to know both before and after you submit your application. The Event Information page is broken up into four sections:

1. Basic Event Information: Each page has a list of event details with the event’s location, image requirements, application fees, the number of applications one artist can submit, and any social media pages the event has chosen to connect. If an event is accepting applications by invitation only, it will be stated in this section as well.

An image showing the basic event information for an event on ZAPP. This includes links to the event's social media pages, the event location, image requirement, jury fees, the number of applications that can be submitted per artists and whether or not the application is by invitation only.


2. Event Timeline: The event timeline is underneath the basic event information. The timeline lists important dates for the event: the application open date, any early bird & late fee deadlines, the application deadline, the notification date (if the event chooses to display it), the accept invitation and purchase deadline, and the event start date.

An image showing the basic event information for an event on ZAPP. This includes links to the event's social media pages, the event location, image requirement, jury fees, the number of applications that can be submitted per artists and whether or not the application is by invitation only.


3. The Event Prospectus: The majority of the page contains general information about the event filled out by the event organizers. The page may be broken up into four sections: General Information, Rules & Regulations, Booth Information, and Jury Details, though not all sections are required. To navigate between sections, click on the buttons at the top of the page.
The header for the Event Information page, showing the "Contact Event" button as well as the buttons artists can use to jump to different sections within the event prospectus. These buttons are General Information, Rules and Regulations, Booth Information, and Jury Details
Any questions about the event should be directed to the event administrators. You can find their contact information by clicking the “Contact Event” button or by calling the number listed under the Location section of their page. All events will list an email under the “Contact Event” button.


4. The Legal Agreement: You can review the legal agreement before or after applying to the event by scrolling to the bottom of the event’s information page and clicking the “View Legal Agreement” button. You can also print or save the event’s legal agreement from this page.

Once an event begins accepting applications on ZAPP, the legal agreement is locked. Changes can only be made after the event has emailed applicants with those updates.


When you are ready to apply, click the “Apply to this Show” button at the top of the page under the event’s logo. If the event is an Invite-Only event, you will need to enter the access code before you are able to start an application. If you do not have the access code, you will need to contact the event.

Image showing the header of an event on ZAPP. This image shows the Back to Shows link, the Apply to this Show button, and the Contact Event button.

TIP: If you have questions about the event, click the “Contact Event” button to email the event directly.

Before starting the application, you must agree to the event’s terms and conditions. You can print or save the legal agreement from this page. Once you agree to the terms, you will see the application.

Image of an event's legal agreement. Under the legal agreement is a link stating "No I do not agree," a button that says "Yes, I agree," and a button to print the agreement.

The Application: Answering Application Questions
The application form is similar for artists and non-artist vendors. However, keep in mind each event is unique and may ask different questions on the application. The first two questions you will complete are the same on every application. You will be prompted to select a medium category and insert or write a Statement of Technique. To insert a saved Statement of Technique, click the “Insert” button and select the statement you would like to add. If you are unable to insert your statement, it may be that the statement exceeds the application’s character limit. To learn more about saving Statements of Technique, click here to view our help page on the Portfolio.

Image of the area where you select a medium category and add a statement of technique. The medium category drop down and the Insert Saved Statement button are both highlighted.

Medium categories are determined by the event administrator. If you have questions about which to choose, please reach out to the event organizers.

After you have inserted your Statement of Technique and selected your medium category, you may be prompted to answer additional application questions. Questions in bold are required. If present, click on the blue question mark icon to bring up additional information about how to answer the question.

Image of a custom question on ZAPP. The question mark icon to the left of the question is circled.

TIP: Click the Save and Continue button often to save your progress and avoid losing your work.

The Application: Attaching Images
Not all events require images to be submitted with the application; however, a majority of events on ZAPP do have this requirement. If you are applying as a non-artist vendor, you may not be required to attach images to your application and can move on to the Review page. When completing an application for an event that does require images, you will see two sections at the bottom of your application. Select the images you want to attach to the application. If you need to edit your images or upload new samples, you will need to save your application and visit your Portfolio page to make the changes to your images. Click here to learn more about uploading and editing images and image descriptions.


Click on any dot below to learn more about attaching images to your application.

Images will initially be in the order you selected them, with the booth shot (if required) always appearing last. Jurors will view your images in the order submitted. Click “Change Image Order” to drag and drop your images into the preferred order.

Image showing the image selection portion of a ZAPP application. Three images have been selected to submit and one booth shot. There is one empty spot for a fourth artwork image to be attached. Underneath the images are two buttons: Change Image Order and Save & Preview.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the “Save and Preview” button at the bottom of the page to preview your application. If you are applying as a non-vendor artist, complete the form questions and proceed to click the “Save and Preview” button. If you are completing your application on a computer, you will be able to also preview your images as a juror by clicking the “Preview as Juror” button.

An image showing the header of the Application Preview page. There are four buttons: Preview as a Juror, Edit Application, Checkout, and Apply to More Shows. The Application Status is shown as Ready for Submission.

In Preview as Juror, you will be able to see your images as they will display to jurors. You can zoom in and out on images by scrolling or by using the bar at the top of the preview window.

After reviewing your application, if you need to make edits, click the “Edit Application” button. You will be unable to edit your application without permission from the administrator once you have completed checkout. To submit your application, click the green “Checkout” button and proceed to the ZAPP Shop to purchase your application or jury fee. Click here for a guide on checking out products in the ZAPP Shop.

Once you have paid your application or jury fee, your application will be listed as Received on the My ZAPPlications page.


Certain shows on ZAPP allow artists to apply multiple times. To submit another application, select the show you wish to apply to again from your My ZAPPlications page and click the “Apply to Show” button. Fill out the application and checkout another application or jury fee to submit another application.