Communication Policy

ZAPP® sends out several different types of notifications, in addition to and separate from, communications you will receive from events regarding your application. Please review below for a better understanding of the emails you can opt in or out of receiving.

Your contact information will never be sold or distributed to ZAPP® participating art shows or any third-party vendor without your authorization. All communications are managed by the ZAPP® management team.

  1. ZAPP® Show Information Email
    A show information email is sent weekly and includes a listing of events with approaching deadlines as well as events that have recently started accepting applications. Additionally, you may also receive periodic announcements with detailed information about individual events. You will only receive this type of communication if you have opted to receive these emails in your ZAPP® Communication preferences section.
  2. Event-Specific Postcard Mailing
    Events using ZAPP® may wish to send you a postcard inviting you to apply. You may receive this type of communication from the event if you are opted in on your ZAPP® Communication Preferences section.
  3. ZAPP® System Communication Email
    The ZAPP® team may send you emails about the system, including but not limited to technical enhancements, tips for optimum system usage, information on the annual Arts Festival Conference and other opportunities for artists. These emails will be infrequent.
  4. ZAPP® Single Show Announcements
    The ZAPP® team may send you emails periodic emails about individual events. These emails will be sent on behalf of the show and may include, but are not limited to, information about a current application cycle or upcoming deadline.
  5. ZAPP® Deadline Reminder Email
    You will receive an email reminder two days before an event deadline  if  you have started an application, but not yet submitted it. You will only receive these reminder emails if you have started an application to the event with the approaching deadline. These notifications are automatically generated and cannot be opted out of.