How to Add Black Borders to Images Using Pixlr

There are many ways to edit images so they meet the requirement of 1400 pixels on the longest side. Pixlr is a free, online photo-editing software you can use to adjust the size of your images.

To edit your images using Pixlr, follow these steps below:

1. Go to From the top menu click Pixlr E.

Image showing Pixlr's home page. In the menu in the header, "PIXLR E" is circled.


2. After the program opens select the “Open Image” option.

Image of the Pixlr photo editing page. A box is drawn around the "Open Image" button.


3. Locate the image file on your computer. Click on the image and select “Open.”

Image of the Finder view of a Mac. An image is selected and the button "Open" is circled.


4. Select Image and then Canvas Size from the top Pixlr toolbar.

Image of the Image dropdown on Canva. "Canvas size.." is highlighted.


5. Once the resize option opens, adjust both the height and width to 1400 pixels. Make sure that the anchor is set to the middle. Select “Apply.”

Image of the resize window on Pixlr. The height is being set to 1400 pixels and the anchor point is in the middle.


6. In the top left corner select File and go down to Save.

Image showing the File dropdown on Pixlr. "Save . . ." is highlighted.


7. You may wish to modify the name of your edited image so that you don’t get it confused with your original image. Be sure to save it as a JPG so the black borders are added. You can also adjust the quality if your file is larger than 5MB.

Image of the Save Image popup on Pixlr. The File Type is set to JPG and highlighted. The format help text is also highlighted.


8. Choose where you want your file to be saved on your computer. We recommend saving the image where you can easily locate it, like the desktop. Select “Save.”

Image of the pop up when saving an image on a Mac. The location the image is being saved to and the Save button are highlighted.

Once you have edited and saved your images, upload them to ZAPP in the My Portfolio section. Learn more about the My Portfolio page.

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